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The financial documents identified in the subcategories of this menu section include:

  • Annual budgets starting in 2010. Comparing the projected budget for any particular year with the actual year end operating statemet for that same year will give a general sense of the overall financial operations of Woodbine Condominiums.


  • Year end financial Operating Statements starting in 2010.


  • Monthly Narative Reports summarizing the receipts, disbursements, and  net income (or loss) for a particular operational month for Woodbine Condominiums. These documents are prepared by the managment company and identify checking and reserve account balances as well as document significant expenditures, maintenance projects in process or in planning, and other important factors that may impact the property.  


  • Reserve Studies done in 2002 / 2007 (draft) / 2010 / 2015. These Reserve Studies identify the major components of Woodbine Condominiums such as roof, asphalt, pool/spa, painting, landscape, lighting, walkways, etc., etc. and recommend a timetable and the funding needed to retain the property in an acceptable quality condition. 


 The above referenced financial documents are deemed to be reliable but are not guaranteed.

Independent verification is advised for real estate professionals.


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